Friday, December 20, 2013

Online assignment 4 & 5, Marcus Shannon

Well I didn’t really know you could check all this stuff. I didn’t know that the internet had so much documented information on what it is that I look up. I saw that it said I was interested in four things most of all based on my search, it said based on websites I am interested in Movies, T.V. and video, sports, and parenting. I think all of these are quite accurate to who I am except for the parenting one, that just made no sense to me. Otherwise I watch a lot of TV shows and YouTube videos on the internet and I am huge into sports so I understand the rest. The ads that it shows that go along with my searches didn’t make a lot of sense to me though. I said banking, Fitness, hygiene and toiletries, and recording industry. I understood the fitness advertisement but I had no idea why the rest of them would be ads that I would want to see. I already have a bank and I don’t search for toiletries. The recording industry might be because of all the music that I listen to but that is just a guess. I was surprised it showed so much though. I thought that the amount of stuff the Facebook had off of my profile was crazy. It knew my wall activity who I talk to, what I post. They just keep tabs on all the stuff you do. It seemed like a more extreme version of what google did with my searches but instead they did it with my social media experience it was interesting to see that I am the same on both places.

It was a little troubling to me that they keep all of these taps on you as you search. I find it cool that they can describe me so well but it also kind of creeps me out that they keep so much data about you. I think that Facebook might have a little too much stored on a person. I know it’s already on your profile but what if you get rid of it, they will still have all of that information.  I just don’t know how I feel about a company having all this info on me either. I feel like businesses could find a way to start selling the things they know about you to other companies and I’m not so sure how I feel about that.  It just seems weird that every time I look something up company somewhere is trying to figure me out. I also feel like it could be defined as spying but it is the web and is anything really private when you are on the web. It’s not bad it’s just a little weird to think about. At this point though it seems like it is just being used to make your social media experience a little more to your liking. I guess this is just where the world is headed if we like it or not but it has its positives and negatives.  

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