Friday, December 20, 2013

online assignment 4 and 5, Ayla Kress

After exploring the information that Google had on me I was a little disappointed, I expected Google to know a little bit more about me and Facebook a little less. Everything Google had was primarily gained through tracking my search results, activity, and other sources where as anything Facebook had I recall posting myself. The amount of information that they did have on me is still shocking, a lot of it was useless but the face that they can get this information is still shocking.
Google knew more of my interests where as Facebook had an abundance of private information: past relationships, family tree, age, places lived and traveled to among other things. I guess what surprised me most is that they save all of this information, often times I forget half of what they know about me. Facebook was more dead on about my interests in the past but simply because I “liked it on Facebook” and not because they gained the information themselves like Google.
Google knows me pretty well am much more currently, but seeing as it’s Christmas season they seem to think I like more “manly” things than I actually do; sorry Google, I’m just Christmas shopping for my father. They had a long compiled list of most of my favorite things, hobbies, or daily activities. I’m not surprised by this either, because I do spend a large amount of time on the web, looking up recipes or fueling my online shopping addiction it’s not surprising that they have all of this information on me.

Other than that I think Google had a pretty good grasp on who I am through my search results which makes me step back and think about how much I rely on technology… I don’t think seeing this makes me think about how I interact online but more about how much I do online. In today’s day in age you can’t survive in school or first world countries without a computer. It’s scary to think about and I kind of despise technology for how much of my life it sucks up, even know I’m more or less forced to be working on a computer to finish this blog post. Our life in digital society has become a bunch of people behind closed doors but posting their lives out there for the public, can we blame Google or Facebook for knowing so much about us when we’re the ones that are destroying our own privacy? I think its time we all unplug a little, especially during the holidays.

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