Sunday, November 3, 2013

Online Assignment #2 Jack Miller

My VALS test resulted in labeling me as an innovator and an experiencer. I generally agreed with being labeled an innovator, or at least I strive to fit the description that the site gave for that category. The description says that innovators are motivated by change and variety and very receptive to new ideas and technology. I am very interested in new developments in technology as well as current updates in business, politics, and media. Image is also important to me, not as a way of asserting status or power, but as a way of expressing tastes, interest and personality.
Experiencer was the secondary category they assigned to my lifestyle. I agreed with this but a little less strongly. I don't spend a high portion of my income on unnecessary things that I think are "cool", like fashion and entertainment. But I do enjoy having new experiences and I am definitely enthusiastic about new and exciting possibilities. In general, I thought this was a pretty accurate test for at least my demographic and not a far off description from the lifestyle I like to think I live.

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