Friday, November 1, 2013

Online Assignment #2 Cassandra Coulson

The VALS survey classifies me asa primarily a striver. I thought it was generally inaccurate. They describe striver's as trendy, I hate new trends and fads. I generally hate new trends if I even find out about them. I've been wearing Levi's (since they were $10) and a hat for years.I don't care about what's in style, I prefer retro Nike's and clothes from the '90s in general. My wardrobe is consistent as well as the things I like, I don't like things because other people like them.  I am absolutely motivated by achievement, I was unaware that people who don't exist. I have two goals that I must achieve, to give Milwaukee everything it has given me and then some and to leave things better than I found them. Money doesn't define my success, however I do desire to have more. I'm a product of my environment and I was raised with hustlers in one of the poorest cities in America. I definitely have a "get money" mindset.  I'm also incredibly frugal. I refuse to pay full price for anything. I have all the coupons. Lack of skills? Not I. The whole reason I didn't major in business is because I want a career, one in which I don't just work to make someone else money, I want to work to make change.

My secondary classification is achiever. Achiever's are classified as goal-oriented people with a deep commitment to family and their career.  I do not have a deep commitment to my family. Ironically, my classification as a striver mentioned that I see myself as having a job, not a career. Clear contradiction there. My social life is structured around what I want to do, nothing else, especially not my place of worship. There is not a conservative bone in my body and my life is far from conventional. I have absolutely no respect for authority as evidenced by my multiple write-ups and suspensions in elementary school and high school and my disdain for the police.

My opinion on this survey is that it was a large waste of my time. After reading the rest of the types the survey uses I realize that I do not fit into any of them. I hate labels, especially ones that are determined by filling in bubbles when asked trivial questions. I understand how these may be useful, but I do not believe I fit into this survey's demographic. This survey is for suburban, white people, in my opinion. I definitely don't fit into that.

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