Friday, November 1, 2013

Online Assignment #2, Patrick Cadle

After completing the VALS survey my results suggested that I am primarily an innovator and secondly and experiencer. Overall, I thought the descriptions of these traits given to me were mostly accurate. I agreed with the description given for innovator because of a few aspects it brought up. I consider myself very open to new ideas or theories just for the sake of learning them. I am also very keen to learning about or possesing new technologies. I also agree with being characterized by liking to have variety in my life. I think this suits particularily well for me because I cant stand repetative things. I am always looking for new things to try or have experiences that bring me exitment from outside of my standard scheduled day. The secondary trait given to me was Experiencer. I think this trait aligns with my personality most of all. Some personality traits given for experiencer was young, enthusiastic, and impulsive all things that I would describe myself as. Also that we get our energy from outlets such as exercise, sports, outdoors activities, and social activities, and all four of these are some of my favorite things to do. I am a very extroverted person and I get my engergy from being active and doing physical things while at the same time constantly trying to have diversity in my life. I am pretty suprised by how accurate VALS was in describing my dominant characteristics. Even though it was not a perfect representation of my person exactly, it still gave a broader description of myself that was mostly accurate.

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