Friday, November 1, 2013

Online Assignment #2, Ken Plaisted

In my VALS categorization, I was given the primary type of Experiencer, and the secondary type of Achiever.   I think these traits, out of all the ones available, fit me the best.  I liked how I was on the Innovator half of the types, because I consider myself unique and always striving to improve not only myself, but also everything around me.  This is done through new innovations, and once I am fully entrenched in the business world I hope that I will continue to be an innovator.  I think I am also an Innovator because I am very creative.  I am always thinking outside of the box for new solutions, and find new issues to solve. This goes along with my Experiencer role, because I always want to keep things in my life new, and I want to see as much of the world as possible, and do as many things as possible.  I really thought the combination of Achiever and Experiencer went well, because I find that while I try many new things, I always strive to do my best at them no matter how new they are to me.  I do not feel satisfied with something unless I know I have done it to the best of my abilities.  For instance with tests, I will study until I feel that every question that could reasonable be thrown at me could be answered.  I like how I was not classified in the “Thinkers” and “Believers” category, because I do not like to over-think a lot of things, I generally take them for face value.  Which is why I don’t like the “Believer”, because I generally need proof of something before I believe it.  Overall out of the six types, I think VALS categorized me perfectly because it reflects my need to experience lots of things and my high standard I have for myself.

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