Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Online Assignment #2, Brendan Fellenz

I thought that the VALS report provided a very interesting depiction of myself.  Although there were some views that I disagreed with, many of the attributes of the categories I received were fairly accurate as well.
For the Secondary VALS type, I received the Innovator.  Innovators are supposedly successful, have high self-esteem, take-charge, and are receptive to new technology.  They also say that Innovators value their image in order to express taste, image, and personality.  Although I wouldn’t call myself wrapped up in my image, I would say that the way I present myself is due to those three characteristics.  I also agree with most of the descriptive words used to describe Innovators, however the Favorite Things list didn’t feature any actual favorites (maybe sparkling water).
For my Primary VALS type, I was told I was an Experiencer.  I was surprised at how accurate some of their depictions of me seemed to be.  I am a very enthusiastic person, and can be pretty impulsive sometimes.  I also definitely spend a fair share of my spending money on entertainment and social activities.  Even the Favorite Things list features things I enjoy such as Rolling Stone magazine, VW vans, and being entertained.
In general I don’t find it effective to categorize people in a way such as this, but the fact that based on a short survey they were able to come to a conclusion on my characteristics and interests is very impressive.  Even though the survey was not perfectly accurate, I can understand why this could be useful to better understand consumer behavior.

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