Saturday, October 26, 2013

Online Assignment 2, Emily Chestler

The two traits that the VALS gave me was an innovator and experiencer. When looking at these two qualities I believe it accurately portrays who I am as a consumer. In a group setting I like to take charge and be a leader, I'm motivated and have a high sense of self esteem where I follow my instinct. I am not afraid to challenge myself and I appreciate the finer things in life. I feel rewarded when I make a significant purchase and can treat myself to something I appreciate. I am definitely an active consumer who enjoys following trends, keeping up with the latest styles and cultivating a certain image. I am an experiencer for I spend a high amount of income on fashion, entertainment and socializing. I am very much immersed in Generation Y and all of the gadgets and trends that have come out of it. I like to experience new things whether it is food, or just an experience and am willing to try something that is off the beaten path. An experiencers purchases reflect looking good, I definitely take pride in how I present myself and find it very important to look and feel good about yourself. One other VALS type I think I could also be would be a Striver. I am trendy and fun loving and am an active consumer as a social activity as well as a pleasurable activity. I am sometimes impulsive and buy things when I first like them before weighing out the pros and cons or looking for more options. I love stylish products and am also looking for something new and fun! I would definitely say I am all three of these traits emulating the type of consumer I am as a take charge, fun, stylish, spontaneous consumer who enjoys the finer things in life.

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