Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week 7, Discussion Leadership 14, Kexin Jiang

In the article "Proust wasn't a Neuroscientist. Neither was Jonah Lehrer," Boris Kachka concludes the process of how Jonah Lehrer becomes a fabricator, a plagiarist, or a reckless recycler. Journalists are supposed to be the group of people who provide the truths to the audience. But as Boris Kachka describes in the article, Jonah Lehere was definitely not complying the duty of being a journalist, or a writer. With respect to this, I have several questions to ask:

1. In the second paragraph, Boris Kachka mentioned that "a few of us advance gradually to bigger and bigger fudges, often driven by social pressures." So what social pressures can stimulate people to make fudges? Except social pressures, what are the other factors that can influence people to make fudges?

2. More broadly, what causes those recycled works, lazy copy and pasted articles, and plagiarism in today's journalism?

3. Define "fudge factor." Have you ever kind of cheat by a "fudge factor?"

4. In the fifth paragraph, Boris Kachka states that the fellow journalists accused Jonah Lehrer of plagiarizing by pointing out trivial mistakes, not serious distortions. Why does this happen?

5. Have you ever discovered any fabricated quotes in the articles that you have read? In your opinion in what aspects do the fabricated quotes influence the article that we read?

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