Monday, October 28, 2013

Online Assignment #2, Sawyer Olson

The VALS survey categorized me primarily as an Experiencer, and secondarily as an Achiever. I believe both of these apply to me, especially Experiencer. I have always had an enormous amount of energy and love to exert it doing things that I love. The website describes an Experiencer as, “motivated by self-expression. Young, enthusiastic, and impulsive consumers.” The impulsivity of my personality is certainly reflected by my actions as a consumer. I am not easily impressed by advertisements or new fashions or trends, but when I am, I am quick to be someone who owns or knows a lot about it. The outlet I have for my energy is music. I am a performer. I love to be in front of people, and I enjoy impressing people with my skill, creativity, and ambition to try new things. The website also states that an Experiencer likes to be entertained. As much as I love to entertain others, I equally enjoy seeing other performers with great musical talent. Achiever also applies to me because I like to be recognized for what I do. I work hard in various areas of my life, and I appreciate it when I am affirmed by someone who realizes the work that I have done. I am surprised that Striver was not one of the characteristics I applied to. I am certainly trendy, fun loving, and motivated by achievement, so Striver could have worked well for me. Overall, I consider myself to be an extrovert. I believe Experiencer, Achiever, and Striver support that claim and do well at describing who I am as a consumer.

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