Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 8, Discussion Leader 15, Courtney Kessler

In the selections of Edward Bernays' Organizing Chaos and The New Propagandists, we are confronted with the idea that our opinions and ideas come from a small group of people; an invisible government. It is said that this group of people is necessary for the organization of our society because of its growing complexities brought about by endless new technologies and means of communication.

So, some questions:

-In general, who makes up our "invisible government" and why is that power theirs?

-"We have voluntarily agreed to let an invisible government sift data and high-spot the outstanding issue so that our field of choice shall be narrowed to practical proportions," Is this a statement you agree or disagree with; why or why not?

-Is it better to have a small group of men who choose everything for us or is our "chosen" method of "open competition" better? Additionally, based on this article has stated, would you agree that we already do have a small group of men choosing everything for us?

-Do you believe this organization of propaganda and leadership is necessary for orderly life in our society, why/why not?

-A large part of propaganda stems from media outlets like news publications; so do the opinions we form come from the manipulations of the media or is the info the media receives already a product of the invisible government?

-As busy and involved college students, have you ever spread info learned from one social group or society into another aspect or group in your life?

-Has there ever been a trend you originally hated but grew to like and what was it that made you change your mind?

-Knowing that the main function of public relations counsel is to advise his client, are the public's interests met, disregarded or both?

-Is the public or the producer more benefited from the outcome of the work of public relations counsel, despite the ideal goal of a public relations officer?

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