Thursday, October 31, 2013

Online Assignment #2, Chris Picazo

The VALS survey gave a depiction of myself that I would not have considered before taking the survey.  There are some traits that I agree with, but there are others that I do not see.  The primary VALS type I received is an achiever.  These people are motivated by desire and achievement and a goal-oriented lifestyle.  They also respect authority and are interested in time-saving products because of busy lives.  I can definitely agree with those characteristics about myself.  There are certain characteristics that achievers possess that I do not think match my personality whatsoeverI would also think I am the exact opposite of being active in marketplace and my favorite types of products are generic and cheap.  Brand name of products does not affect my purchasing decision.  Also, my favorite things definitely do not include Honda or Every day with Rachel Ray.  The other two are a strong possibility.  The secondary VALS type I received was innovator.  It says image is important based on taste or personality.  I really do not care about my image or what others think about me.  Also, it says an innovator tends to live a life with characterized by variety whereas an achiever lives a life of predictability.  I guess I would like to live a somewhere in-between both of those, but definitely not swayed to only one side.  I also do not think I have a very high self esteem, but I would consider myself a take charge person.  Once again, my favorite things do not include BMW or Wired. I do enjoy a rewarding experience and an occasional glass of sparkling water.

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