Monday, October 28, 2013

Online Assignment #2, Cassidy Neuville

After taking the survey, my primary VALS type is Experiencer and my secondary type is Achiever. I certainly agree with these types as they describe who I am as a person and a consumer. According to this website, an Experiencer is known as someone "motivated by self-expression" and people that "quickly become enthusiastic about new possibilities but are equally quick to cool." As a person, I can quickly become enthusiastic about new possibilities within my life, but can easily calm myself down. I also am someone that tends to buy things impulsively without looking at the overall pros and cons of the product. Along with the other characteristic of an Experiencer which involves being motivated by self-expression, I am also motivated "by the desire for achievement" which is a description of the Achiever type on the website. As I turn to my outlet of dance, I am equally motivated by self-expression and also by my desire for achievement. As the website describes Achievers as "active in the consumer marketplace", they also describe how "Image is important to Achievers; they favor established, prestige products and services that demonstrate success to their peers". Although I hate to admit it, I am a consumer that buys the latest fashions and newest technologies, not necessarily to show off my success, but partially because I have an expensive taste and because I am someone who finds a first impression crucial for several important opportunities within someone’s life. In that sense, I believe a person’s image is not at all everything about a person, but it should be thought about by individuals on how they want to present themselves to others since in today's society it is looked at with great meaning. Also, another description of the Achiever type is that they have "goal-oriented lifestyles and a deep commitment to career and family" which is completely how I am. When it all comes down to it, I work hard at school and have many goals for myself to achieve, but ultimately my family is the most important part of my life. Overall, I believe that with how I am as a person, the VALS types of Experiencer and Achiever accurately describe who I am as a consumer. 

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