Sunday, October 27, 2013

Online Assignment #2, Lauren Leffingwell

After taking the VALS survey, I found out that my my primary type is Experiencer and my secondary type is Achiever. I find components of each of these truly do fit my interests and personality well, but my primary type was definitely the most accurate. My primary type Experiencer, seemed to fit the generation of kids I've grown up in. The main three descriptors used were young, enthusiastic, and impulsive consumers. I see myself fitting pretty well in that description. I feel like I'm very enthusiastic about whats going on around me and find myself trying to be involved in everything. I love social events and am always enthusiastic about participating in the things going on around me. Social media is almost in control of my life and technology runs it all. I spend too much money on the latest technology and online shopping. The majority of my impulsive buying is on clothes, like VALS suggested. You have to look good if you're constantly socializing! My secondary type is Achiever. This didn't fit my lifestyle as well in the sense of stability over risk and time management, but it was very correct about living a goal oriented life and having a deep commitment to family. I believe I am goal oriented and a very hard worker because of that, I work for what I have - and need to because of my Experiencer type personality! My family and close ones are the most important part of my life and even though I am social, my favorite thing in the world is to just be with the ones who are most important to me. After reading on what these types are, I do find the most important parts of the lifestyle I live described. I really am an Experiencer and an Achiever!

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