Monday, September 23, 2013

Online Assignment #1, Marcus Shannon
1. I have lived in DeForest, WI all of my life.
2. My primary source of the news is probably the internet. I am usually always on my computer when I'm at home. I some times watch the news on T.V. but not as much since coming to school. I really don't read the news paper, except for the sports section.
3. I don't really watch any shows on actual T.V. I watch a lot of Netflix and right now I'm watching all the seasons of Heroes and season 4 of The Walking Dead comes out soon which I'm excited for.
4. I usually quote anything Will Ferrell, like Anchorman or Step Brothers.
5. I would have to say hash tags (#) are a very annoying thing. People hash tag the dumbest things and it is completely unnecessary. When people actually say hash tag out loud makes no sense.
6.  I don't have any idea what music I would want to hear. I usually have headphones in till class starts so it really doesn't matter to me.
7. The first time I saw this I laughed so hard. After you watch go look up her on Jimmy Kimmel.

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