Saturday, September 21, 2013

Week 4, Discussion Question 9, Lauren Leffingwell

Beginning Question:
The two chapters in Blur that were my focuses for this discussion were on journalism of verification, journalism of assertion, and journalism of affirmation. In your words, how would you explain each of these? Where do you see these in news today? Which form do you believe is the most beneficial for the country? Which form do you prefer reading?

In my own words I see:
Journalism of verification: the news that reports what happened without any added details and no opinions; the real honest truth that should be trusted with appropriate sources and facts
- I see this often times in the big news stories, for example the Navy shooting that recently happened. I think the reporting can often start as journalism of assertion because it begins as breaking news. However, the big stories stay in the news and as more is found out, more correct facts and information is released. In my eyes journalism of verification is the most beneficial to the audience because it is honest and we should all deserve to know the real truth about what's going on around us.

Journalism of affirmation: reporting with a point of few; picking sides of a story to appeal to certain audiences
- I see this form of reporting often when reporting political news. As we talked in last weeks discussion, most big news organizations are known for their political views. For example, MSNBC and CNN are known as more of a liberal point of view. Where as Fox has more of a neutral point of view. I believe this type of journalism is necessary because you see the different opinions and can create alliances, however as a reader it's important to be aware of the bias opinions.

Journalism of assertion: portraying assumed truths as the whole truth, focusing on the big breaking news as soon as possible, don't verify facts before reporting
- I see this form often, pretty much whenever some big news happens it's the first thing you hear about. News organizations just to be the first to report the big story so they just report whatever they have heared and then go back later to get their facts straight. I think it is important and the journalists jobs to get us the latest, breaking news as soon as possible. However, once again, it's one of things that we all need to aware of and watch out for. It'd be hard for any news outlets to know exactly what happened right after something happen. Being cautious about the news is always important.

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