Monday, September 23, 2013

Assignment #1, Jacqueline Warner

1. I am from a small town in south east Wisconsin called Waterford, WI.  It is a tight knit community and I loved growing up there, but I hope to live somewhere completely different after graduating college.

2. My primary source for news includes a combination of internet sources (different websites and blogs), as well as magazines and television sources (FOX, NBC, ect.).

3.  I watch a lot of television so it is hard to choose specifically my one and only favorite television show, but one of my favorites is 30 Rock.  It is completely ridiculous and hilarious in its own way and I can watch episodes over and over again without getting bored or tired with the stories.

4.  I tend to say "" a lot, and I have no idea why I started saying it, but I say it way too much.

5.  The pop culture phenomenon which is most annoying to me would have to be Miley Cyrus and her twerking.  I feel she is getting way too much attention for being an idiot, but that is normally how it works in pop culture.

6.  Definitley The Killers, any of their music would be great to hear in the beginning of class.  They are my all time favorite band, forever and always!

7.  The Fox - Ylvis, this video is so ridiculous, but so funny and actually catchy!

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