Monday, September 16, 2013

Online Assignment, Emily Chestler

1)    I’m from Westchester, New York a suburb about 30 minutes from the city
2)    My primary source for the news is definitely TV, whether its playing in the background or I catch the end of the news before Jeopardy starts at 7, I like watching and seeing videos to go along with what I’m hearing.
3)    Its hard for me to pick just one favorite TV show! It definitely depends on what my mood is at the moment but you could always find me watching Friends, Modern Family and Gossip Girl as some of my classic favorites. I also love shows like How I Met Your Mother, Scandal, Orange is the New Black etc. Basically I’m a TV junkie!
4)    I don’t have a favorite catch phrase but I like anything that deals with positivity and phrases that could boost someone’s self esteem!
5)    The most annoying pop culture phenomenon is when people become famous for no reason! I hate all of the reality shows that are so popular right now when they’re so scripted and the “stars” have absolutely no acting talent! Its frustrating for me to see people making fools out of themselves for fame.
6)    I would love to hear some Coldplay, five for fighting, train etc. Anything in that genre is soothing but also doesn’t put you to sleep before class. I also love a great classic song that can pump you up for class to start. 
7)    This video "We Can't Stop" by Miley Cyrus, as repulsive as it is has attracted so many viewers to watch the one time innocent girl turn herself into a train wreck! While the tune is catchy and the lyrics are fun, I’m in awe every time I watch it to see what society has turned itself into. The fans that once looked up to her as the sweet, cute girl she was now have someone rebellious to look up to. 

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