Saturday, September 21, 2013

Online Assignment 1: Kexin Jiang

1. I was born in Wuhan, central China. It is a really big city but few people in America have heard of it. So I just want to say Wuhan is famous for its delicious spicy food and snacks. Come and try and you will definitely love them! :-)

2. My primary sources for news were TV news and Chinese newspaper. But since studying abroad for college in Madison, I have read the NewYork Times and the ESPN Score Center which I downloaded in my phone. So now these are my main sources of news.

3. I actually don't really watch American TV shows. And sadly, I even don't have TV in my apartment. I only watch some sports games, especially basketball, football, and baseball. Can I say my favorite TV show is NBA?

4. Sorry, right now I don't have a favorite catch phrase.

5. The Korean song Gangnam  Style has been played for so many times  at so many places. I would not say this song is an annoying pop culture phenomenon because I used to love it when it just came out. But now I am tired of people still playing this song and doing the Gangnam Style dancing.

6. Jazz, Indie rock, and Blues are my favorite music types. But actually I would love to hear some rap and hip pop music before class because as for me, I am always really sleepy in the morning and I need something to really wake me up...

7. President Obama's Very Indecisive Syria Speech

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