Monday, September 30, 2013

(Announcement) Essay #1 Draft DUE 10/4 FRIDAY 10:00AM

1. Turning your essay#1 draft
a. Hard copy
TAs will be collecting a hard copy of your essay #1 draft (must be stapled) at the end of lecture. If you cannot come to lecture for some reason, your friend can turn your essay for you or leave it at my mailbox. My mailbox is located right next to the main office of Vilas building (5th floor). Same time rule (by 10/4 FRIDAY 10:00am) applies for turning your essay at my mail box.   

b. Electronic copy (Turnitin)
You need to submit your electronic copy of essay #1 draft to Turnitin by the end of lecture by 10/4 Friday 10:00am.


c. Electronic copy (Google drive)
You need to submit your electronic copy of essay #1 draft to Google drive, folder name "J201_Setion305_Essay", by 10/4 Friday 10:00am.


You will loose points each day (20%) for turning your essay late.

2. Search for standard/reason to use in your essay
Once you selected the story, look for what kind of standard/reason you are going to apply to analyze the story. The standard/reason must from an authoritative source not from your own.

Do not simply copy & paste the definition of standard/reason from the authoritative source. In many cases, I see students not applying the standard/reason correctly to analyze the story. This means that the standard/reason listed in the essay must match to your analysis. So, make sure you fully understand the standard/reason that you are using but be concise as possible when you explain the standard/reason.

Examples of standard/reason can be found in our previous readings (e.g., objectivity, fairness, accuracy, and etc). But this does not mean that the standard/reason must come from our previous readings. Feel free to use standards outside of our reading that are from authoritative sources. An authoritiave source is peer-reviewed and published academic journal article, news article, and books (No personal blog). 

- Kovach, B. &Rosenstiel, T. (2010). Blur: How to know what’s true in the age of information overload. London: Bloomsbury.

- Gans, H.J. (1979). Values in the News. In Deciding What’s News: A Study of CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News, Newsweek, and Time, pp. 39-72.Values and News course material "This is NPR".

- McManus, J.H. (2009). “Objectivity: It’s Time to Say Goodbye.” Nieman Reports, September.
- National Public Radio. (2012). This is NPR. And these are the standards of our journalism. Retrieved from the key argument that sentence   

3. Word limit of essay
The world limit for your essay is 1000 words but I will be flexible +- 50 words. However, if the word goes more than 1050 or less than 950, you will loose points. 

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