Sunday, September 22, 2013

Online Assignment 1, Patrick Cadle

1. I am from St. Paul, Minnesota.

2. I get most of my news from online sources or through apps on my cell phone. My favorite news sources are BBC news and the New York Times. I like to read the Economist as well because it has great stories in current international news.

3. My favorite TV show has to be House of Cards. Its an original series produced by netflix about a congressman's quest for power and its a nice hollywood style of what capitol hill would be for a Senator. I like this show because I love politics and as political science major it is fun for me to compare  what I am learning to how the show portrays washington politics.

4. I really support the use of the word "boss"as an adjective.

5. In music today one thing in general that annoys me in rap music is rappers talking about superficial possessions such as designer clothes or fancy cars. This annoys me because when I listen to rap music I want to hear a story in a song or something thats going to get me exited not something that just has a catchy beat and repetitive lyrics talking about how rich or flashy they look.

6. I would love to hear some old school music in the mornings before class is about to start. Maybe some Johnny Cash, that always seems to put me in a good mood and it a nice change of pace from music I usually listen to.

7. Here is a video I saw recently and I am sure all football lovers would appreciate it:

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