Sunday, September 22, 2013

Online Assignment 1: Cassandra Coulson

1. I'm from the city of Milwaukee.

2. I get most of my news from Twitter, I follow different publications and people from all over the country who retweet/post news and if I find it interesting I read it.

3. South of Nowhere

4. I quote Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle stand up frequently, but usually people don't get it. 

5. Cultural appropriation is REALLY popular right now, it's very annoying when things certain minority communities have been doing for years get used by someone famous and becomes a "trend". Also, I never want to see/hear whatever Macklemore does again in my life.

6. It doesn't matter as long as it's not louder than the 2Pac in my headphones.

7. Tyra Banks is a gift. 

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