Sunday, September 22, 2013

Online Assignment #1, Cassidy Neuville

1. I was born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin; however, I have been raised in Waupaca, Wisconsin my whole life. Waupaca is a town of 6,000 people and is around two hours North of Madison.

2. I unfortunately have never been a person to keep up with the news as much as I should, but my primary source of news would have to be the CBS: Sunday Morning Show since I tended to watch that with my parents when I was home this past summer. Since being in this class however, The New York Times has been my primary source of news. Of course, I love to keep up with the celebrity gossip. So, if we are talking about that kind of news, I love to read magazines such as Us Weekly and People, as well as watching E! News and random articles I find online.

3. I have several favorite television shows. I personally don't know how someone could have just one! I go by season and during the summer the main show I love to watch is So You Think You Can Dance on FOX. I am also a huge fan of the MTV show Awkward during the fall and Grey's Anatomy on ABC as well. Occasionally I will watch Modern Family, Friends, New Girl, or some ABC Family shows such as, The Fosters and Twisted. I have a hard time keeping up with these shows when I am at school, but during Christmas/spring break/summer break, I always make it a priority to watch them and know exactly what is going on in each one!

4. I rarely use catch phrases, so I cannot say what would be my favorite one. However, I tend to recite some quotes from the movies I watch with friends, such as the movie Bridesmaids.

5. I would have to say the most annoying pop culture phenomenon to me are the reality TV Shows such as, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Dance Moms, and Jersey Shore. I don't understand how watching people fight and make ridiculous and unintelligent decisions is amusing or interesting to watch. I find it a complete waste of time.

6. I am a huge fan of alternative/acoustic music, however, since this class is my first class of the day and it is in the morning, I would love to hear some upbeat music to wake me up and ready for lecture. So, I would suggest playing some Beyonce, whether it being her newer songs or some of the classics like, Crazy In Love.

7. I saw this video this past summer and I thought it was nothing less than adorable. However, it is crazy to think that girls at this age are influenced and look up to the pop culture so much. In this case, it is the music artist, Nicki Minaj. What children are exposed to at such a young age always surprises me.

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