Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Online Assignment 1, Lauren Leffingwell

1. I always am unsure of how to answer this question! The neighborhood I live in is right in between a road that's technically Brookfield and one that's Menomonee Falls. However, I went to Sussex Hamilton High School.. So I'm basically from the suburbs of Milwaukee.

2. After a few weeks in this class, I'm finding myself checking the news much more frequently. Before this, I often just watched the morning news and looked up things on the internet. I still find myself looking up the latest news online, often The New York Times and CNN. I'm also kind of a social media junkie. As much as I don't want to admit it, a lot of breaking news I first learn about from these sites. Then I end up checking up on the stories through a trust worthy news source. Also, depending on what sort of news were discussing, I love watching E! News on all the crazy celeb news. Being an anchor for E! News has always been my dream job.

3. Because of my schedule growing up, I normally was at dance rehearsals during the peak time for t.v. shows at night. I never got into many shows in result of this. I mentioned before I guiltily love watching E! News. I also find myself watching the slightly raunchy shows that are on E! They're so ridiculous they become addicting.

4. I don't really have a specific catchphrase I like using a lot. Unfortunately, I find myself using a lot of social media catchphrases when I'm talking and joking around with my friends. They're catchy!

5. The pop culture phenomonon of electronic games is soo annoying to me. Who has time to sit and play Farmville on Facebook!? Or candy crush for example. I'm sick of always getting notifications from people that need more "lives" to reach the next level or whatever.

6. I really enjoy all types of music. In that first morning class though, some nice and relaxing music like Trevor Hall or John Mayer would be prime.

7. Who doesn't love babies!

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