Tuesday, September 17, 2013

(Announcement) Guidelines to self-critique on your speech

There is no specific format but the following elements will help and guide your speech critique (around 250 words).

How was your speech structured? Was the introduction, main arguments, and conclusion well organized? Did the introduction give the topic and purpose of the speech and preview of main points? Were the main ideas of the speech clearly organized and easily identifiable? Were signposts and transitions effectively used? Did the conclusion include a signpost and summary of main ideas?

Were you able to identify the main arguments of the reading? Did you capture the author's claims with supporting reasons and evidence? Were you connecting your own reactions and thoughts to the main arguments of the reading? Did you provide reasons, evidence, and examples that can support your own reactions or thoughts?

Were you communicative with the audience (conversational, making direct eye contact)? Were there weaknesses in speaking rate? Volume? Diction? Vocal variety? Did you have vocalized pauses ("um"); did they interfere with clear communication? Did the speech flow well? Were there any awkward moments?

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